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We Offer home decorative design,construction,decoration and home extending. We also serve as a furniture factory for office buildings like government sector,hotels,stores,home by a team of experienced technicians with over 20 years who have a ready consulting arrangement completely.


Production of Furniture Design

Furniture Design
Since the step of planning and producing is the process that set up and repair,is the advertisement of the system of media completely.So if you think to create a piece of media,we can do for you since a complete design is a step.We can do for you if you have a problem of design and you do not have a place to produce.We can serve for you if you have a place to produce but you do not have the person who create design.And we not only can serve with a fair price but also be happy that you lose nothing.Click



Decorate Interior Build-in

Decor and Interior
Produce the furniture for wall or the furniture for corner to place at the area of (space) lay out of the house by the desire of the designer.And the owner also participate perfectly for the desire and be convenient that have usability including the furniture designs in function.And the furniture design have to process by the desire and do not add the system of cabinet lighting,halogen light and other more.Click



3D Perspective Design

3D Perspective Design
We get together with professional 3D design of designer that design for TAI.We have to show you to choice the design you like whatever you want home design,bathroom design,bed room design,living room,kitchen room,garden in front of the house,waterfall,hallway and Plaque.If you cannot think how to choice,we have a recommendation for you.If you like or not,we can search the most designs that are your requirements directly.Click



As a result of TAI Business Solution Co.,Ltd’s policy, that can offer home extending,decoration and home renovation,buildings,Offices that relate to a limited number of customers of government and individuals.

Then our company is not a subcontractor.Therefore TAI Business Solution Co.,Ltd want the customers hereby who interest in the result of the company that have the following processes such as home extending,decoration and renovation in Bangkok and Primonton.

There is about over 500,000(five hundred thousand Bahts) for a process and we can provide not only our processes at other township or district with a price of over 1,500,000(one million five hundred thousand Bahts) but also serve our processes at foreign countries with a value of over about 3,000,000 (three million Bahts).

TAI Business Solution Co.,Ltd let you know and hope so much that the encouragement of the customers who like the result of our company.Let you know

about us. Mr.Nopparuj chayatinkan (Managing Director)


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